Available and Upcoming Leagues 

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Registration is open for Fall! 

Clicking the links below for more information.


2016 Fall Saturday League 


2016 Fall Weeknight League


Future leagues 

Our 2017 Winter Weekend league will start up on Saturday, Januray 7th. Games take place Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday games are at Riverside Park at 108th from 2 pm to 5 pm. Sunday games are at East River Park at Grand St. and the FDR and run from 12 pm to 5 pm. Registraiton for this league will open in October. 


Explaining our Divisions: 


8v8 Ground -  Each team has three downed lineman on either side of the ball. On Defense, they don't have to rush but they do need to line up across from the O-Line. O-Linemen are NOT eligible receivers. We do allow contact blocking in this league that must be above the waist and below the neck. You must be facing the person you are blocking as we do not allow blocks to the back or side. To be successful, you will want 3 big guys to protect the QB. QB's make take the snap under center and a running game is often used to compliment the passing game. 


8v8 Air - Same open hand blocking rules as our standard 8v8 league, but linemen are ELIGIBLE RECEIVERS. 


7v7 - Everyone is an eligible receiver. We do not allow contact blocking. Similar to basketball, you work to establish a position to where the opposing player has to go around you to get to the ball. You must have 4 offensive players on the line of scrimmage to have a legal formation and the QB must take the snap directly behind the center in a shotgun formation. To be successful team usually work in short passes, trick plays, lateralls and pitches. A direct run game is difficult as you are not allowed to block. We offer this fomat in both competitive and recreational divisions. 


For a full list of rules click on the rules link on the homepage. 


With your purchase:

8 Regular Season Games

Playoffs for the top half of each division

2 refs for each game (unless emergency)

All game equipment including field markers and flags (teams provide game ball while on offense)

Flexible scheduling

League T-shirt (customizable upon request)

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