Note – If you are signing up a 5v5 team please reach out directly to to register

Dates:The league is tentatively scheduled to start March 31st and runs through June 23rd, this includes playoff dates and dates set aside for rainout reschedules. Teams can request to start later in the season during signup.


Games take place Thursdays at Randall’s Island Park from 9 pm – 11 pm.

Explaining the Divisions:  

8v8 – Each team has three down lineman. All players on the field can catch passes including lineman. Defensive lineman need to start down but aren’t required to rush. We allow open hand contact blocking that must be above the waist and below the neck. You must be facing the person you are blocking as we do not allow blocks to the back or side. QB’s may take the snap under center and a running game is often used to compliment the passing game.

7v7 – All players are eligible receiver. We do not allow contact blocking. Similar to basketball, you work to establish a position to where the opposing player has to go around you to get to the ball. You must have 4 offensive players on the line of scrimmage to have a legal formation and the QB must take the snap directly behind the center in a shotgun formation. To be successful team usually work in short passes, trick plays, laterals and pitches. A direct run game is difficult as you are not allowed to block. We offer this format in both competitive and recreational divisions.

5v5 – 7v7 rules with smaller field dimensions.

For a full list of rules click on the rules link on the homepage.


Free agent sign ups – 

Solo players or small groups without a full team can sign up as Free Agent players. You will either be added to a team looking to round out their roster or added to a team of Free agent players like yourself. If you are signing up with a friend or small group you’ll be able to include that information during sign up to make sure we place you on the same team. Please be aware that division preference can’t be guaranteed for free agent players.

Free agent players may start the season as late as April 14th, depending on when roster are finalized.

With your purchase:

8 Games

Playoffs for the top half of each division

2 refs for each game (unless emergency)

Equipment at all games (teams bring their own game ball)

Flexible scheduling

League T-shirt (custom options available during sign up)


8v8 and 7v7 Teams – $1350

5v5 Teams – $1150 (Please reach out directly to to register)

Free agent players – $130

Sign up on or before March 2nd to receive – 

Team – $100 discount

Free Agent – $10 discount

 Want to save $50 off your team sign up? – Contact about alternative payment methods that waive your $50 processing fee – Venmo or Chase/Zelle. Sorry, we can’t offer this discount for free agent sign ups.

Refund Policy – 

Before March 24th – 100% (minus shirt cost if order)

March 24th or later – 50%

March 31st or later – No refunds